A Way Up for Manitoba: PC Alternative Throne Speech

Today is an important milestone in the conversation the PC Team is having with Manitobans. For me, this conversation began with my entry into the PC Leadership race, and has intensified over the past two and a half years since I became our Leader.

Our team has been reaching out around the city of Winnipeg and across this province. We have been listening to Manitobans, of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and walks of life. Manitobans have been sharing their perspectives and their ideas with us.

This exercise is ongoing, and will continue. It will continue at our Annual Meeting this weekend and thereafter. It will continue to include all interested citizens.

Throughout our history, Manitobans have demonstrated a willingness to adapt and to change.

I believe that a growing number of Manitobans see a new provincial government as a healthy and intelligent change in our province.

Our opportunity today is to demonstrate what such a change will mean.

I want to emphasize that the action plan I will speak about today is just another step in the conversation with Manitobans. There is much more to follow.

Today is just the beginning of a way up for Manitoba

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