Ambulance Waits Get Longer Under NDP - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

The time ambulances spend at Winnipeg hospitals just keeps growing: Driedger

Ambulances continue to be spending too much time sitting with patients and not enough time on the road responding to emergency calls.  New numbers show ambulance offload times have continued to grow and hit record highs in 2014.

“The NDP has been promising improvement on this issue and has failed to deliver.  Not only is there no improvement, but it is getting progressively worse.  Four years and three health ministers later and we are nowhere close to a solution,” said Opposition Health Critic Myrna Driedger. 

The average wait time for paramedics to pass over control of a patient in 2014 hit 78 minutes.  This is a record high up from 75 minutes in 2013 and 74 in 2012.  It was 66 minutes in 2011. 

January of 2014 also saw a record high of over 83 minute average for ambulances to get back into service.