Ambulances Stuck at Hospitals - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

The NDP promised action on ambulance off-load times and they keep getting worse: Pallister

Parking lot medicine continues to worsen as paramedics wait longer to transfer patients into hospital care. In the first six months of 2014 the average wait for an ambulance to return to service was almost 80 minutes, up from 66 minutes in 2011.

“The NDP has continually promised improvement in ambulance off-load delays and can’t deliver. They have a poor record of waste and mismanagement that is putting Manitoba families at risk,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.

Progressive Conservatives have been raising this issue for years because improvements are needed to keep Manitobans safe and ensure our qualified paramedics are available to respond.

“For every minute a paramedic team is needlessly delayed someone who needs emergency care is forced to wait. Last year, Winnipeg ambulances missed their response-time targets 50 percent of the time,” said Health Critic Myrna Driedger.

The NDP needs to back its words with actions because the trend line is going the wrong direction and Manitobans are paying the price with their health and safety.