Answers Needed on Stadium Project - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Manitobans deserve to know if the NDP cut corners for the sake of ribbon cutting and photo-ops: Stefanson

Something has gone terribly wrong at Investors Group Field.  This has nothing to do with football and everything to do with the games being played behind the scenes by the NDP Government.  Was the field rushed to completion for the sake of NDP politics? There are concrete problems that may have been avoided.

“Manitobans have too many questions and too few answers. When that’s the case it makes sense to go over the deal with a fine-toothed comb to see what happened. That’s why Progressive Conservatives are calling for a comprehensive independent audit of the project,” said Critic for the City of Winnipeg, Heather Stefanson. 

Tens of millions of dollars in repairs are required to a building that is only two years old.  This is a big issue in our city. We trust the minister responsible for the City of Winnipeg will show equal concern and will immediately join us in calling for the independent audit.  

There is more than $200 million of tax dollars tied up in the project and it is uncertain as to how much more it will cost because of NDP mismanagement.  Manitobans deserve to know what really happened.