Brian's letter to Manitobans

It’s time to get Manitoba back on track. After 17 years of paying more and getting less, our province needs a change for the better.

Our new PC Team is proposing a Better Plan for a Better Manitoba with Lower Taxes, Better Services, and a Stronger Economy.

Working together, we can do better for families, seniors, and our children.

We believe in Manitoba values of integrity, caring, inclusion, common sense, and teamwork. These are the values that built our province. These are the values you deserve in your government.

Your PC Team is ready to go to work for you on Day One!

We want to make Manitoba the most improved province in all of Canada. With better health care and education for you and your family. Better jobs and opportunity to keep our young people here. And a clean, open government that earns your trust each and every day.

That’s our commitment to you.

Please read our Better Manitoba plan. Then, give us your ideas on how to build an even better Manitoba.

I want to be your Premier because I want to work hard each and every day for you and your family for a better future together.

On April 19th, together we can make a new start for a stronger, better Manitoba.


Brian Pallister