Credit Card Campaign - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

The NDP leadership race is a credit card campaign and we know who gets the bill: Pallister

Manitobans need to be prepared to dig a little deeper if the NDP leadership candidates keep their current pace on promises.  Every time leadership hopefuls add to their list, the credit card takes on more debt --- and more debt means higher taxes.

“Manitobans are facing the danger of a downgrade in the province’s credit rating that will push the costs to service the debt even higher.  The promises being made now by leadership hopefuls will only make matters worse because when this government needs more money it will take it from you,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.

Currently Manitobans lose $872 million each year just to service the ballooning debt.  That would make it the fourth largest department of government behind only health, family services, and education.

NDP waste means fewer services for Manitobans and every working day of the year the NDP spends $2 million more than it brings in, making the current government unsustainable.