Discarded mattresses and trash don’t qualify as “near-to-natural state” - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

NDP funding shortage causing Wildlife Management Area to resemble garbage dump: Martin

Progressive Conservative MLA Shannon Martin is calling on the NDP government to give Manitoba Conservation the resources it needs to remove trash strewn illegally throughout a Wildlife Management Area near Lac du Bonnet.

“The Manitoba NDP talks green, but has one of the worst environmental records in Canada,” said Martin, Opposition Critic for Conservation and Water Stewardship. “Garbage strewn throughout protected areas that fall directly under Manitoba Conservation’s administration is an embarrassment.”

Martin tabled photographs of mattresses, televisions and thousands of rounds of spent ammunition, among other junk, found last weekend in the Mars Hill Wildlife Management Area.

“Conservation officers are aware of the illegal dumping of the garbage, but say NDP funding reductions have taken away their resources to deal with the problem,” said Martin. “NDP waste is threatening essential front-line services.”

According to Manitoba Conservation, Wildlife Management Areas exist to “protect the land in a near-to-natural state to provide much needed habitat for wildlife and to conserve Manitoba’s biodiversity.”

Martin noted the recent $670,000 in political payouts to former NDP staffers could have been better used to employ 200 students to help keep these areas in their near-to-natural state.