The PC Party of Manitoba relies solely on the contributions made by our generous contributors.

These funds are used to carry the message in regards to the current status of Manitoba as a Province as well as to educate all Manitobans as to what the future can look like under a Brian Pallister led PC Government.

Manitobans deserve a Government that listens to the people and one that is committed to a future where its residents get value for their hard earned tax dollars.

A future that includes lower taxes, improved economic growth, job creation programs, improved health care, and better education for our children. A Provincial Government that has a vision for the future and one that is prepared to deliver a Province that generations of Manitobans can enjoy.

Your generous donation will help pave the path to a better Manitoba!


Donation amount: Tax credit: Real cost to you:
$50 $37.50   $12.50
$100 $75   $25
$500 $350  $150
 $1275 $650   $625
 $3000 $650  $2350