Entrepreneurship Down Since PST Went Up - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

As predicted, small businesses are suffering and closing up shop: Stefanson

New information released today by Statistics Canada shows that there are nearly 4,000 fewer entrepreneurs in Manitoba than there were before the PST was hiked to 8 per cent.

“It isn’t surprising, but it’s still discouraging to see that there are thousands fewer self-employed Manitobans since the PST hike,” said PC Jobs and the Economy critic Heather Stefanson.  “Small business owners told the NDP that this would happen, but they either didn’t listen or didn’t care.”


In June 2013, there were 87,500 self-employed Manitobans.  By February 2015, that number fell to 83,600 – a 4.5 per cent drop.


“All businesses, especially self-employed small business owners, are finding it hard to cope with the high tax agenda of the NDP,” said Stefanson.  The survey also showed that 3,400 Manitobans left the workforce altogether since January.