Free Lunch Not Free For You - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

NDP used tax dollars to stack attendance at Premier’s speech: Martin

The NDP used $20,000 of your money to stack Premier Selinger's State of the Province address during the premier’s bid to keep his own job.  We brought this issue forward in January, but new FIPPA information has completed the picture.

"The final NDP lunch bill paid by Manitobans has cleared the $20,000 mark.  Our original search for information found a smaller number. The NDP had an opportunity to come clean, but instead forced us to file more access to information requests to expose the truth," said PC MLA Shannon Martin.

The original number we had shared with media and the public was 45 employees of core government at a cost of about $4,500.  Now, further documents show tickets and sponsorships of the event cost taxpayers well over $20,000.

This all adds up to one in eight attendees sitting in government or Crown-purchased seats.  That old saying “there is no free lunch” doesn’t seem to apply to the premier, as long as you’re buying that is.