Further evidence of NDP dysfunction revealed

Deputy premier committed in writing to untendered contract: Pallister

The NDP government’s dysfunction and out-of-control waste is highlighted by deputy premier Eric Robinson’s commitment to pay for a $5-million untendered contract for flood-fighting equipment.

“The deputy premier wrote a letter last year, bypassing the Treasury Board, to commit the Manitoba government to paying $5 million through an untendered contract to a political donor who supplied the equipment,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. “This reckless commitment shows the NDP has no ability to identify and reduce its excessive waste threatening Manitoba’s front-line services.”

The deputy premier’s letter followed the auditor general’s March 2014 report about untendered contracts in which she wrote, “Untendered contracts increase the risk of procurement improprieties. Ensuring compliance with strong policies to mitigate this risk is essential.”

Robinson’s letter, dated Aug. 7, 2014, makes clear that an invoice issued days earlier to the NDP by the Interlake Reserves Tribal Council for the purchase of Tiger Dams for flood control was not sent in error, as Emergency Measures Minister Steve Ashton has claimed.

More information is coming to light through provincial public servants, who have increasingly grown tired of the NDP’s waste and dysfunction.

The controversy comes after the NDP ignored Moody’s Investors Service’s warning of an “execution risk” due to the NDP’s inability to contain expenditure growth. Because of the NDP’s waste, Manitoba’s debt has doubled in just six years, surpassing $32 billion. The debt servicing costs are approaching $900 million per year.  

A strong and united Progressive Conservative government led by Brian Pallister would respect proper processes, get value for money and listen to financial experts. By reducing waste, a Pallister PC government will protect Manitoba’s essential front-line services.