How Much Will Selinger’s Latest Broken Promise Cost? - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Premier needs to come clean on how many political payouts Manitobans are on the hook for: Goertzen

Half a million dollars, one million dollars, maybe more? How much will Premier Greg Selinger’s latest broken promise cost Manitobans? 

During the NDP leadership race, Selinger ensured political staff they could campaign for any candidate without fear of losing their jobs. In December of 2014, Selinger’s then Chief of Staff sent a memo to government workers affirming their right to partake in political activities including “volunteering for leadership campaigns”.  We now know Selinger’s commitment to many of his former staffers was just another broken promise from a Premier with a long record of broken promises. 

“Through Freedom of Information Requests, we have asked the government for the total amount in severance the NDP leadership race has cost taxpayers and they’ve stonewalled us. We know the premier’s former chief of staff received a $146, 000 severance after just two years of work,” said Opposition House Leader Kelvin Goertzen. “With new NDP firings piling up, I expect the cost to Manitobans could be in the $1 million dollar range. The NDP need to clear the air on how much the premier’s latest broken promise is going to cost taxpayers.” 

If Manitobans are footing the bill for Selinger’s broken promise, they deserve to know how much they are on the hook for -- and they deserve to know now.