Lowering the Tax Burden on Manitoba Families

Greg Selinger’s NDP government leads in waste - not results:

  • It claims to spend more on infrastructure, but it does so once every four years at election time – three years of bust then a one-year boom. 
  • It signed millions of dollars in untendered contracts for political friends and donors. 
  • It gave almost $700,000 of your money in payouts for the premier’s former political staff!

This NDP lack of common sense means bigger and bigger deficits, more and more debt, and higher and higher taxes for Manitoba families. 

Selinger ran on a promise not to raise taxes, but he broke that pledge immediately following his re-election, increasing taxes by more than any other province in Canada and by more than any government in Manitoba modern history. 

A new Progressive Conservative government will find savings in government, while protecting front line services and the workers who provide them. 

We will:

  • Roll back the PST increase to 7% during our first term.
  • Reduce the size of Cabinet by one-third, saving millions of dollars each and every year.
  • Restore Manitobans right to vote on tax increases.
  • Ensure fairness in contract tendering procedures.
  • Provide real tax relief for low-income families by raising the Basic Personal Exemption and eliminating ‘bracket creep’ allowing them to keep more of their money for their needs.