The clock is ticking... Manitoba needs a budget!

Last year Greg Selinger promised to release a budget before the election.

But now, they are refusing to release a budget, instead offering up a "fiscal update". This is an attempt to cover up the true state of the province’s finances before voters go to the polls in April.

Selinger wants to cover up the impact of the NDP’s $6.6 billion in recent spending promises on top of the province’s alarming growth in debt.

Manitobans deserve full access to the budget numbers, so they’ll know what taxes the NDP plans to raise and fees they plan to create to cover the costs of their excessive waste and mismanagement.

We petition the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba as follows:

To urge the Provincial Government keep its promise to the people to Manitoba and immediately bring forward the completed budget they are withholding from public scrutiny.

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Will you sign?