Manitobans Now Paying More….Again - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

MPI Rates Increase as Money Spent on Cars, Contracts and Giveaways: Goertzen

Manitobans are again being asked to reach deeper into their pockets.

Over the weekend an overall 3.4 percent rate increase went into effect for MPI customers in yet another tax and fee hike overseen by the NDP. The rate increase follows a year that saw the NDP approve a no work contract for the former CEO of MPI, as well as millions in expenses for high end executive vehicles, trips, consulting contracts and giveaways. 

“Manitobans are feeling as though they are paying more for everything, and in reality, they are,” said MPI Critic Kelvin Goertzen. “Whether it’s a higher PST, sales tax on home insurance, higher hydro rates or this increase to MPI rates, Manitobans keep being asked to pay more because of NDP waste and mismanagement.”                                      

MPI’s operating expenses have also increased 48% over the last five years despite the fact that the public utilities board has continually directed MPI to control its costs. 

“Unfortunately for Manitobans, neither the Premier nor either of the other NDP leadership candidates has shown any interest in controlling tax or rate increases. So Manitobans can expect to pay even more regardless of who is the NDP leader after March 8th,” said Goertzen.