Manitobans Pay More and Get Less for Health Care - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

New West Partnership would lower health care costs: Stefanson

Today, Jobs and the Economy critic Heather Stefanson will introduce a new bill that would force the government to begin negotiations to join the New West Partnership.  The New West Partnership is an agreement between British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to work together to grow their economies and reduce costs.

“The New West Partnership could save millions of dollars in our healthcare system and free up funding to be spent on other health care priorities,” said Mrs. Stefanson.  “For example, because of this agreement, British Columbia pays $5,000 less for each pacemaker they purchase.”

The NDP refuses to join the New West Partnership, despite the fact that Manitoba’s healthcare system has some of the highest costs in the country, and emergency room patients are waiting more than nine hours on average just to see a doctor.


“This government has no idea how to reduce costs.  Instead of finding ways to save money and improve health care by joining the New West Partnership, they insist on paying more and getting less,” said Mrs. Stefanson.

The New West Partnership came into effect in member provinces in 2010.  The PCs have been calling on the NDP to join the partnership for years