Minister refuses to meet with Manitoba BiPole landowners - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

NDP shows complete disregard for landowners affected by BiPole: Pedersen

After promising to talk with concerned landowners ‘very soon’ back in January, Minister of Agriculture Ron Kostyshyn today refused to meet yet again, despite their presence in the legislature gallery.

“This is so disrespectful. He couldn’t even bring himself to acknowledge our presence here, after some of us drove an hour-and-a-half to offer him the opportunity to meet,“ said Jürgen Kohler, Chair of the Manitoba BiPole Landowners Committee.

The minister refused to meet with the group or even acknowledge their presence when they came to the Manitoba Legislature today, and continues to break several unfulfilled promises to meet with the citizens group.

“This speaks volumes about the NDP disdain for Manitoba landowners,” said PC Agriculture Critic Blaine Pedersen. “Add another broken promise to the list.”

“This NDP government is more concerned about protecting themselves than assisting landowner environmental stewardship and protecting the food production of Manitoba,” Kohler said. “They won’t even talk to us.”