Missed Opportunity for Democracy - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Amendment was to put democracy back in the hands of Manitobans: Pallister

NDP MLAs had a chance to stand up with Manitobans, but chose to remain in their seats or not be in them at all.  By defeating our Throne Speech amendment dissident NDP Members who had called for the removal of the premier have in essence endorsed his leadership in a campaign that has clearly already begun.

“Never in the history of the Manitoba Legislature has a Throne Speech amendment been crafted based wholly on the words of government members themselves.  The fact those same members who could not work with the premier have voted to endorse him is a testament to their honour and integrity,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.

We offered dissatisfied MLA Members a change to vote their true conscience.  It is unfortunate for them and all Manitobans they chose not to seize it.