Moving Manitoba Forward

Brian Pallister
Next Premier of Manitoba

Manitobans are telling me we need to get our province back on track.  

There’s frustration with the government but there’s an incredible determination and optimism about Manitoba’s future and it’s one that I share.  

Manitoba needs a government that believes in working with the private sector, not against it. That believes enterprise and innovation can be fuelled by government as a partner, assisting where it can, staying out of the way when it must. We will be that partner.

Manitoba’s municipalities and communities need a government that will partner with them on infrastructure investment and planning, on tourism promotion, on trade and investment opportunities. We will be that partner.

Manitoba needs a government that truly believes front line public servants and the services they provide make a positive difference in people’s lives. Asking them to do more and more with less and less while fattening government at the top makes no sense. Front line workers’ ideas can lead to more effective and efficient service delivery, saving taxpayers’ money and helping people more efficiently. They need a true partner. We will be that partner.

A new Progressive Conservative government will be a reliable and visionary partner for Manitobans by:

  • Pledging to protect front line services and the jobs of the workers who deliver those services.
  • Creating a comprehensive, planned, and long-term strategic infrastructure program that provides assured funding for roads, highways, and major municipal projects, ending the ‘bust and boom’ cycle of this government.
  • Fostering new business, social and community partnerships aimed at giving Manitobans work and social supports through Social Innovation Bonds.
  • Establishing a Duty to Consult framework with First Nations and Métis communities setting out obligations, responsibilities, and timeframes to build together a more respectful and effective relationship and partnership.
  • Pursuing membership in the New West Partnership immediately upon forming government.

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