NDP advertising lacks standards - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

NDP could empower Auditor General through an all-party agreement: Pallister

Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister today called upon the NDP to join him in committing to reaching an all-party agreement on advertising standards to empower the Auditor General to review government advertising.

“Manitobans have already been forced to pay more than $1 million for the NDP’s wasteful self-promotion campaign,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. “Manitobans deserve to know if the NDP advertising campaign is partisan. The Auditor General is willing to provide those answers and oversight if all parties can agree to empower him to do so.”

The PCs sent letters to the Auditor General in August 2014 and May 2015 requesting a review of the NDP campaign to determine, in part, whether the ads are partisan and if they amount to good value for the people of Manitoba.

The Auditor General replied on June 10, 2015, writing Manitoba has no standards for taxpayer funded advertising. In the absence of any advertising standards from which to conduct a review, he must decline our request for an audit. The Auditor General, however, indicated an audit to evaluate if the NDP advertising campaign contains partisan elements could proceed with agreement from all three parties.

“If the NDP believes there is merit to the advertising campaign, they will join us in empowering the Auditor General to conduct an audit,” said Pallister. “Anything less is an admission by the Selinger NDP these ads are partisan and should have been paid for by their partisan donors, not hard working Manitobans.”

If elected, a Brian Pallister PC government would empower the Auditor General to review all taxpayer paid government advertising.