NDP Announces New Broken Promise to Seniors - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Dewar has set April 30 as the date to disappoint seniors: Friesen

Today NDP Finance Minister Greg Dewar announced that he will deliver his budget on April 30.  He also announced that his government will continue the NDP’s tradition of breaking major campaign promises with each provincial budget.

“Greg Selinger was elected on a promise to eliminate school taxes for seniors,” said Progressive Conservative Finance Critic Cameron Friesen.  “In 2013, the NDP government promised that seniors would no longer pay this tax by 2015.” 

Today, the NDP announced that it would fail, once again, to keep their promise to relieve all seniors from paying school tax. 

“In 2014, the NDP reneged on its promise, claiming instead that they would eliminate the tax by 2016.  Astonishingly, the Minister of Finance refused today to specify when, or even if, that promise will ever be fulfilled,” said Friesen.