NDP Approve $50,000 No-Work Contract - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

MPI CEO calls $50,000 contract an “insurance policy”, contradicts minister: Goertzen

The NDP continues to show a lack of leadership at MPI – the latest example, a $50,000 paycheque to former CEO Marilyn McLaren for performing no work. 

Earlier this year the NDP cabinet approved a consulting contract for McLaren to “provide consulting services”. During a legislative committee meeting yesterday, the new CEO of MPI called the no-work contract an “insurance policy”. When questioned on what work the so-called $50,000 insurance policy entailed to date, the answer was – “none”.

“The minister publicly stated in reference to MPI’s rate hike application ‘that’s one of the main reasons that MPI believes that there is good value in having McLaren remain for the upcoming year’”, said MPI Critic Kelvin Goertzen. “How can the NDP in any good conscience ask for a rate hike while at the same time claiming there is value in paying someone $50,000 for a no-work required contract according to MPI?” 

This government continues to show a lack of competence in managing MPI. NDP waste means less for Manitoba drivers.