NDP Bail Out in Flood Season - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Ministerial Musical Chairs leaves no one at the Helm: Helwer

With spring just around the corner, Manitobans are anxious to know what potential flood dangers await them. Unfortunately, the government’s dysfunction caused by the NDP’s leadership race is raising real concerns as to who will be there to properly manage and respond to any impending emergencies.

“Manitobans have no guarantee that there will be a steady hand to manage any upcoming emergencies because of NDP infighting” said Emergency Measure Organization Critic Reg Helwer.

The previous emergency measure minister abandoned his post just months before the possibility of another significant flood along the Assiniboine River and it remains to be seen who will be at the helm to deal with potential disasters during 2015. 

“Over the last number of years the NDP has shown it is not able to properly manage flooding in our province,” said Conservation Critic Shannon Martin. “The NDP Government is playing ministerial musical chairs which may turn into a Russian roulette for Manitobans”.

The PCs will continue to demand action by the government and continue to hold the NDP to account for its mismanagement of Manitoba’s lakes and waterways.