NDP Betrayal Now Worth $1 Billion - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Despite a billion dollars in broken promise tax hikes, the NDP still can’t balance the budget: Pallister

By next Wednesday, Manitobans will have paid $1 billion in taxes that the NDP promised Manitoba families wouldn’t have to pay.

“In the last election, the NDP promised Manitobans they would balance the budget by 2014 without any tax increases,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.  “Once elected, the NDP saddled us with tax hikes of historic proportions.” 

Since the last election, the NDP has hiked taxes ten separate times.  With revenue estimates from the Ministry of Finance, the value of these tax hikes will surpass $1 billion on January 28, 2015. 

“Manitobans are unlikely to forgive and forget this billion dollar betrayal,” said Pallister. 

Despite the extra billion dollars the NDP has taken from Manitobans, the NDP is still running massive deficits and has abandoned any pretence of working toward a balanced budget.