NDP Candidates Must Come Clean on Taxes - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Leadership hopefuls must be prepared to lessen tax, fee burden: Pallister

The candidates for the provincial NDP leadership should immediately make it clear what steps they would take to lessen the tax and fee burden on Manitobans.

“The Manitoba NDP’s tax and fee hikes from 2011 to 2014 alone have brought in an additional $500 million a year, and this is after Premier Greg Selinger promised in 2011 that they would not raise taxes,” said Brian Pallister, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Manitoba families have been increasingly burdened by the tax-happy NDP. The three leadership candidates must state how they would lessen that load.” 

The Progressive Conservatives would roll back the PST to seven per cent within their first four-year mandate. Pallister is also vowing to put an end to Manitoba’s bracket creep on income taxation and to raise the basic personal tax exemption to the national average, saving every working Manitoban an average of nearly $200 a year. 

If the NDP leadership candidates say they won’t raise taxes, remember we’ve heard that refrain before.  Don’t be fooled again.