NDP Debt Shrinking Services - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

If it were a department of government it would be the 4th largest: Pallister

The amount Manitobans lose because of poor management decisions by this NDP government is almost $900 million and rising.  That is money that will never go to improving healthcare or education outcomes.  It won’t fix a single road, either.

“Years of deficit budgets come with record debt and all that money has to be paid back, with interest.  The interest alone is crippling Manitoba’s finances and drastically reducing how much money we can spend on things that really matter to families,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. 

It costs nearly $900 million to service the debt, or put more simply, make the minimum payment on the credit card.  By comparison, Saskatchewan was in the same predicament 10 years ago, however that government made the conscious effort to turn its financial situation around, and did.

In 2004-05 the government of Saskatchewan paid $905 million to service its debt and has now brought that down to $546 million.  That’s a saving of 40 percent.  Now, $359 million each year can go toward lowering taxes or providing more services for families in Saskatchewan.  It’s about choices, and the ones the NDP is making now mortgage the future of our children.