NDP Driving Out Exploration Investment - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Investment goes where it’s wanted, and NDP policies are driving it away: Cullen

The NDP government must do more to support Manitoba’s mining sector, in light of federal statistics that show the industry’s spending on exploration has fallen sharply in this province.

“These numbers show the extent of the damage failed NDP policies have done to the ability of Manitoba business to attract investment,” said Mineral Resources Critic Cliff Cullen. “One important example is the NDP is one of the only provincial governments that charge and have hiked the PST on mining.”

According to Natural Resources Canada, only 1.2 percent of all exploration dollars spent in Canada in 2014 came to Manitoba. More than $2 billion was spent across the country. These numbers represent a significant downward spiral in Manitoba’s share of national exploration investment; in 2011, Manitoba saw $140 million poured into mineral exploration, but just $25 million last year.

Provinces to the east and west have attracted significantly more spending on mineral exploration, while Manitoba’s share has been swiftly shrinking under the NDP.