NDP Fail to Keep Manitoba’s Most Vulnerable Youth Safe - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Nearly 6,500 were reported missing last year; the vast majority of those were kids in care: Pallister

Last year nearly 6,500 people were reported missing in the city of Winnipeg. According to a Winnipeg Police Service report the majority of those missing were ‘vulnerable youth who are in the care of Child and Family Services.’

“The fact that these children are reported missing means they are not receiving the care they desperately need and deserve,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.

According to federal statistics, girls are six times more likely to be reported as runaways in Manitoba than across the country. While other provinces are making progress, under the NDP, Manitoba is getting worse. The total number of reported missing children and youth in Manitoba has increased 22 percent in the last five years, while the Canadian average has seen a 20 percent decline.   

“These children are in the care of Child and Family Services because they are already at risk. Putting them at greater risk is simply unacceptable,” said Opposition Family Services Critic Ian Wishart.

The NDP have broken their promise to keep Manitoba’s most vulnerable children safe.