NDP failed policies deterring innovation

Today the Conference Board of Canada gave Manitobans an ‘A’ for “entrepreneurial ambition”. However, the failed policies of the Selinger NDP dragged our overall grade to a “D”, the third lowest in Canada.

“The Conference Board report recognizes the strength of Manitoba’s entrepreneurial spirit and related business potential,” said PC jobs and the economy critic Heather Stefanson.  “It is unfortunate the high tax, pay more get less policies of the Selinger NDP are eroding business confidence and holding back investment and productivity.”

In the recent DBRS report that cautioned the NDP’s weak fiscal discipline, the NDP were again warned that our below-average GDP per capita suggested productivity and high value-added sectors may be lagging.

The Conference Board said “innovation is important not only to the success of firms and other organizations but also to the economic and social well-being of communities, regions, and countries. Firms that innovate successfully enhance their competitiveness and position themselves for growth. Countries and provinces with robust and successful innovation activity see improvements in productivity, economic growth, and job creation and have more resources available to support spending in education, health, infrastructure, and other areas.”

“This report clearly demonstrates the Selinger NDP is failing to foster a competitive business environment necessary to build and encourage innovation,” added Stefanson. “NDP dysfunction and uncertainty, high taxes, high debt and increasing regulatory burden continues to put the prosperity of our province and Manitoba families at risk.”