NDP gets another ‘F’ in Education - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Manitoba receives lowest test scores in Canada: Pallister

The NDP Government has failed Manitoba students and families. According to the latest Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) scores, Manitoba scored last in assessment for science, reading and math. 

“These results should send shockwaves through anyone who values Education as much as I do. These scores are more than a wakeup call.“ said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.

Manitoba’s education system is worsening, falling further behind other Provinces. PCAP 2013 results show Manitoba’s reading grade is not only the lowest across the Country; but has seen a significant decrease since 2010. While many provinces have increased their Math grade, Manitoba has not. 

“These results should not come as a shock to the NDP. In 2010, when Manitoba scored significantly below the National average, then Education Minister was quoted as saying ‘This is really all about teacher contact and zeroing in on the kids that are struggling’ (Nancy Allan, 11/29/2011). What has been done since then? Only now the NDP has come up with a five-point plan to address the shortcomings, that’s unacceptable” said Education and Advanced Learning Critic, Wayne Ewasko.

The NDP is leaving Manitoba students without the building blocks to succeed. Education is the foundation of building a strong economy and creating hope and opportunity; but the NDP’s failing grade on Education is putting the future of our children and economy at risk.