NDP Given Second Chance to Pay Tribute to Women - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

The NDP has another chance to pass a bill that would mark the 100th Anniversary of Women’s right to vote: Driedger

Last year the NDP turned down a chance to honour the work of Nellie McClung and other Manitoba women that forever changed the Canadian political landscape.

Myrna Driedger, Progressive Conservative Critic for the Status of Women, re-introduced Bill 201 in the Legislature today. The bill declares January 28, 2016 a special day in Manitoba, paying tribute to those women who fought for women’s right to vote.


“Manitoba women were the first in the country to be granted the right to vote in provincial elections, that accomplishment should be celebrated and honoured despite political strife,” said Myrna Driegder, PC Critic for the Status of Women.


The NDP missed their opportunity last year to celebrate the victories of women in the political world, both past and present. It’s time to put party politics aside and stand up for Manitoba women.