While Manitobans turn their focus to friends, home and family this holiday season, the NDP is using a cabinet order to attack rural families. In a closed door meeting, the NDP ordered Manitoba Hydro to stuff landowners’ stockings with expropriation orders to seize land that, in many cases, has been part of a family farm for generations. All Manitoba homeowners should be alarmed at the NDP Government’s reckless disregard for property rights and due process.

By unilaterally stripping landowners of their private property this holiday season, the self-serving NDP Government has reminded Manitoba families, yet again, the NDP believes it can impose massive tax hikes or seize private property whenever they see fit to do so.

For months the NDP Government denied farmers their right to bargain collectively to protect their property from the BiPole III boondoggle. The NDP Government has now hijacked the process to punish rural families for standing up for their rights as Manitobans.

By resorting to the extreme step of expropriation the NDP has signaled its willingness to sacrifice not only the prosperity of farmers but the property rights of all Manitobans.


-          Joint Statement Issued by MLAs Blaine Pedersen & Ralph Eichler