NDP has to broaden PST to cover pre-election promises - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Premier has no choice but to expand PST’s reach after $6.7 billion in new promises: Pallister

The Selinger NDP will broaden the provincial sales tax to more goods and services to pay for massive pre-election promises. Mr. Selinger will broaden the PST scope yet again, after expanding the tax only three years ago.

“The throne speech promises add up to $6.7 billion to buy votes for next spring’s election,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. “Mr. Selinger will take much more money from hard-working Manitoba families to cover the cost of his reckless agenda.”

The Selinger NDP expanded the PST in 2012 to a range of goods and services including hairstyling and home insurance, making it one of Manitoba’s largest-ever tax hikes.

The provincial debt under the current premier has doubled in the past six years and is on pace to triple by 2023. To keep his promises Mr. Selinger will have to expand the PST again, while the debt hole keeps getting deeper.

After years of broadening the PST, there are very few areas left to tax. Groceries, fuel, babies’ clothing, building renovations, funerals and movies are some of the goods and services untouched by the PST at this time.

“Manitobans have seen this movie before,” Pallister added. “Now Mr. Selinger wants them to pay eight per cent more to see it again.”