NDP High Taxes and Red Tape are Taking a Toll - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

CFIB report could signal job losses to come: Pallister

According to the latest survey from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Manitoba’s already record high levels of unemployment could be pushed even higher.

“When more small businesses plan to reduce their staff than hire, we’ll see more people out of work,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. 

According to the survey, 13 percent of small businesses expect to reduce their staff, but only 12 percent expect to grow. 

“Clearly high taxes and unnecessary regulations are hurting small businesses and the NDP is costing Manitobans their jobs,” said Jobs and the Economy Critic Heather Stefanson.  “The NDP isn’t listening, but the message is pretty clear to my PC colleagues and me that 66 percent of small businesses in Manitoba say that taxes and regulations are a major cost concern for them.” 

Last month Mrs. Stefanson announced that she intends to reintroduce a bill that would bring a common-sense review of government regulations to relieve the burden on small businesses.