NDP High Taxes Kill Jobs - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Unemployment rate now above recession levels: Pallister

Statistics Canada has revealed that the unemployment rate in Manitoba in January was 6 percent, the highest it’s been in over a decade.

“The NDP government’s PST hike is worse for the economy than the recession of the early 2000s, the recession of 2009, and the flood of the century.  None of those events put as many Manitobans out of work as there are right now,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. 

According to the monthly Labour Force Survey, there are 40,300 Manitobans who can’t find a job.  This is the highest number since 1996. 

“After almost 16 years in government, the unemployment rate is the worst it’s been since before the last election,” said Jobs and the Economy Critic Heather Stefanson.  “Sixteen years of tax hikes, red tape, and mismanagement are taking their toll and the end result is record breaking unemployment.” 

While other provincial unemployment rates are doing down, Manitoba’s is going up with the taxes.