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Documents must exist showing cost of children in hotels, but NDP says they don’t: Pallister

The NDP government says it has no record of the costs of housing at-risk youth in hotels. That is the response it gave to a FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) request sent in October of last year.  After several months of waiting, the NDP government finally responded that “those records do not exists”.

“This means the NDP minister either lacks transparency by not providing this public information, or she has no idea what is going on in her own department.  Both scenarios are alarming,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. 

If the NDP has no knowledge of what it costs to house children in hotels then it lacks the proper oversight to care for children.  If the NDP knows this cost and is refusing to share that information with the public then it is a government that lacks transparency.  It seems inconceivable this information is not available.  Meeting the needs of at-risk youth must be a priority and if the minister responsible can’t handle the file then she needs to be replaced.