NDP is Poor Neighbour - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Good neighbours talk and when they build fences they build them together: Pallister

The NDP is bad at building partnerships and that reflects poorly on all Manitobans. This is not acceptable and we need to change that. The biggest problem is that they refuse to ask for a seat at the table with other western provinces. It is well past time to negotiate membership in the New West Partnership.

“The NDP is missing opportunities by taking an isolationist approach to neighbours. This will put our province at a disadvantage. It is not acceptable and we demand the NDP put the needs of the province ahead of its ideology,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.

Relationships matter. A prime example is the water management issue we face with Saskatchewan right now. Runoff from Saskatchewan is flooding Manitobans, especially in Southwestern Manitoba. We cannot begin to address the root causes of this if we don’t have a strong partnership with the government of Saskatchewan.

We are demanding the NDP engage with Saskatchewan to find solutions to a problem that if not corrected will only get worse in coming years.