NDP manipulates federal numbers to hide planned tax hikes

$180 million deception is evidence Selinger plans to raise taxes if given a chance: Friesen

The recent federal budget exposed the Manitoba NDP’s attempt to pad the numbers in their March “Fantasy Fiscal Update” to hide an estimated $180 million gap in the Selinger fiscal plan.

“The federal budget has exposed Greg Selinger’s deliberate attempt to pad the numbers by claiming massive increases in federal infrastructure money that don’t exist,” said Cameron Friesen, PC Finance Critic and candidate for Morden - Winkler. “This shortfall exposes Selinger’s plan to hike the PST or other taxes to make up the difference.”

The NDP’s “Fantasy Fiscal Update” released earlier this month projected a six-fold increase in federal cost-sharing on infrastructure, from $52 million in 2015/16 to $316 million in 2016/17.

In fact, the recent federal budget made no such commitment on new infrastructure spending for Manitoba. The federal budget indicates available federal cost-sharing on infrastructure will actually be less than half what the NDP said it would be just a few weeks ago - $135 million, not $316 million.

Rather than presenting a full budget to Manitobans as the Progressive Conservatives demanded, Greg Selinger provided a less detailed “Fantasy Fiscal Update” and padded the numbers to hide his plan to raise taxes. He claimed he had federal dollars the NDP clearly does not have.

Greg Selinger told Manitobans in the 2011 election he had a plan to balance the budget by 2014 with no tax increases. Once elected, he continued to run massive deficits, while imposing the largest back-to-back tax hikes in modern history.

Greg Selinger has been caught – once again – attempting to mislead Manitobans about his plans to raise taxes. On April 19, Manitobans will not be fooled again.