NDP mismanagement hurts Manitoba students - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Dysfunction within the NDP government has destroyed students’ credit rating: Ewasko

Thousands of Manitoba students’ credit rating has been destroyed by errors and mismanagement within the NDP government. 

“Three years ago an error within the NDP government resulted in thousands of students receiving a negative credit rating. Years later, the NDP government has made no effort to reach out to these students still impacted by that error.” said Wayne Ewasko, PC critic for Education and Advanced Learning


The negative credit rating they received due to a NDP error has left thousands of Manitobans just getting their start unable to borrow money. Rather than benefiting from their education, they are being prevented from purchasing a car or their first home.


Mismanagement and continued dysfunction within the NDP government not only hurts Manitoba students today, but will continue to well into their future.