NDP mismanagement means you pay

Manitoba Hydro’s proposed 7.9% rate increase is a direct result of the previous NDP government’s mismanagement.

Manitoba Hydro is facing serious financial problems as a result of 17 years of politically-motivated decisions by the previous NDP government.

The direction to proceed with Keeyask and BiPole III without proper scrutiny by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) has created a multi-billion dollar debt problem that ratepayers are now being asked to pay for.

Manitoba families should not have to pay for the NDP’s mismanagement of Manitoba Hydro. That is why our PC government has given the PUB special powers to request and review information relating to past capital spending decisions so Manitobans can be fully informed as to how this serious financial situation came about.

Our government will respect the process in place to deal with all rate applications through the PUB. We will be monitoring the process and outcome for its impact on low-income Manitobans in particular.