NDP Must Release Fontaine Report - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

The CFS report surrounding the death of Tina Fontaine needs to be made public: Wishart

The Progressive Conservatives are calling on the NDP government to share all details of Child and Family Services (CFS) involvement before the death of Tina Fontaine.  CFS was the last public agency to have contact with Tina before her death. Where is the report from CFS, and why is the minister withholding the report from the people of Manitoba?

“The death of Tina Fontaine is tragic and we must not miss an opportunity to learn from it. We are calling on the minister to immediately release the CFS internal review to the media and by extension all Manitobans. We need to know the findings in that review so we can ensure that more vulnerable children do not share Tina’s heartbreaking fate,” said Family Services Critic Ian Wishart.

The NDP used a previous by-election period as an excuse to delay the release and action on the Phoenix Sinclair report. We ask them not to repeat this mistake, not to further delay action that can save the life of an at-risk youth. The Elections Financing Act explicitly exempts matters of health and public safety from the restrictions on government advertising during a by-election. The by-election is not an excuse for the NDP to put off its responsibility to care for at-risk youth.

The family and the people of Manitoba deserve access to the report on CFS involvement leading up to Tina Fontaine’s murder. This review belongs to Manitobans, not the NDP.