NDP Must Release Internal CFS Probe - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Manitobans deserve to know details of NDP failure to provide adequate care for at-risk kids placed in emergency care: Wishart

The NDP is hiding from Manitobans. They claim changes are being made to the way they contract workers and use hotels to care for at-risk kids without sharing the findings of an internal probe. 

“Manitobans deserve to know the truth about the quality of care provided by private companies contracted to care for at-risk youth. ‘Is this the best care possible for children in CFS?’ ‘Are these companies evaluated?’ ‘Is their staff adequately trained?’ ‘Are we getting value for the money paid to these companies to care for Manitoba’s vulnerable youth?’ These are the questions we and Manitobans deserve to know, “ said Ian Wishart, Progressive Conservative critic for Family Services. 

This is another case of a lack of transparency by this department and government. The fact that the NDP only implemented an audit after the media informed the department of where their money was being spent is both shameful and simply unacceptable. 

“While the NDP failed for so many years to look into the practices of their own Family Services department; you have to ask yourself, ‘how many Manitoba kids suffered as a result of their lack of leadership, communication and actions?’” said Ian Wishart, PC critic for Family Services. 

Manitobans, especially at-risk children deserve more from their government. NDP waste and lack of transparency mean less for all Manitobans.