NDP PST Hike to Hit $500 Million - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

NDP promised Manitobans no tax hikes in the last election: Pallister

As of this week, Manitobans have paid $500 million more to the NDP government to pay for its broken promise PST Tax hike. This is more than $5 million per week in higher taxes, each and every week of the year.

“Today is a sad milestone for Manitobans,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. “Greg Selinger’s broken promise tax hikes have imposed new and higher taxes on everything from haircuts to home insurance, costing the average Manitoba families more and more each year.”

Premier Greg Selinger made a promise to Manitobans in the last election that he would not increase the PST, calling it “nonsense”, “absurd” and “ridiculous”. He broke that promise, and took away Manitobans’ right to vote to oppose future major tax hikes.

NDP broken promise tax hikes mean the average Winnipeg family pays $3,200 more in provincial sales and income tax than they would if they lived in Regina.