NDP Red Tape Strangles Growth - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Manitoba’s paperwork burden is costing us jobs: Stefanson

In honour of Red Tape Awareness Week, PC Jobs and the Economy Critic Heather Stefanson announced that she will reintroduce The Regulatory Accountability and Transparency Act, which will cut unnecessary red tape and help Manitoba businesses to grow and create more jobs.

“Red tape costs the Manitoba economy $400 million every year in wasted time and energy for entrepreneurs,” said Stefanson. “While other levels of government are taking real action to reduce red tape, the NDP refuses to tackle the issue at the provincial level and that hurts our economic growth and job creation.” 

“With Manitoba’s regulatory burden growing at one of the fastest rates in the country, small businesses need action now more than ever to eliminate red tape,” said Elliot Sims, CFIB’s Director of Provincial Affairs. “MLA Stefanson’s bill to measure, report and reduce provincial red tape is precisely what’s needed to address this hidden tax in Manitoba.” 

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business study also found that small business owners and entrepreneurs in Manitoba have almost no confidence that the NDP will relieve them of unnecessary red tape, outdated regulations and redundant paperwork. 

“The seventy two per cent of small business owners in Manitoba who have no confidence in the government’s willingness to solve this problem have every reason to be pessimistic.  This is the eighth time this bill will have been introduced since 2008 and so far, the NDP has ignored this bill and ignored this problem,” said Stefanson.