NDP refuses to commit to open government

The Pallister PCs are the only party offering action plan for clean, open government: Goertzen

The Progressive Conservatives’ Better Plan for a Better Manitoba includes the “Open Government Initiative” with 18 specific action items aimed at ensuring accountable, transparent and ethical government. In response, the desperate Selinger NDP has offered cover-ups, blacked-out documents and political stunts aimed at shaming those who have achieved success in our province.

“Brian Pallister is the only leader to put forward a plan to provide clean, open government,” said Kelvin Goertzen, PC candidate for Steinbach. “We challenge Mr. Selinger today to end the cover-ups, provide Manitobans with the documents that outline the NDP’s nine per cent PST plan without redaction, and put forward the NDP’s plan for open government, if they have ever had one.”

Too often, Manitobans have seen rules broken by the Selinger NDP with little or no consequences. The very people who make the rules get away with breaking them. That has to change and it will under a new Brian Pallister Progressive Conservative government.

“An empowered Conflict of Interest Commissioner and proactive disclosure of government information are both part of our better plan to bring forward a culture change to government,” Goertzen added. “From Crocus, to using public servants for a political rally, to election violations, to Tiger Dams and millions of dollars in untendered contracts and hidden documents, to the NDP’s plan for a nine per cent PST, the Selinger NDP will do or say anything to distract from their record of secrecy and scandal.”

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation and the PC Caucus obtained a “Briefing Note: Increase Sales Tax Rate – Summary” in response to an access to information request regarding the NDP’s PST hike. The document, attached here, is almost entirely blacked out. If the NDP is now suddenly interested in transparency, they can immediately provide a copy of this “Briefing Note” without redaction.