NDP’s deductible announcement only half the answer - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Justice minister has done nothing to address root causes of vandalism: Goertzen

The announcement that many Manitoba victims of vehicle vandalism will no longer have to pay auto insurance deductibles represents good financial news for those affected, but misses the mark on addressing the causes of crime and ignores the total impact on victims.

“Victims of crime should not be re-victimized by having to pay twice. However – once again – Manitoba rate payers are paying more for NDP inaction,” said PC justice critic Kelvin Goertzen. “This move by MPI addresses the individual financial consequences of NDP inaction, but does nothing to prevent vandalism from occurring in the first place.”

The NDP government has been silent on how it is going to reduce crimes like vehicle break-ins.

This is more than just a deductible issue. Crimes like this put emotional and psychological strain on families, create lost wages and productivity and put added pressure on already busy police departments.

“It’s time this minister and this government did something meaningful on this problem,” Goertzen added.