NDP’s PST tax grab reaches $1 billion - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Tax increase Selinger described as ‘total nonsense’ to hit $1 billion mark this week: Pallister

It has been four years since Premier Selinger told Manitoba families the idea he would raise the PST was “total nonsense.” As of this week, the NDP broadening of the PST and the NDP PST tax hike Selinger claimed to be “ridiculous” and “absurd” has now taken $1 billion from Manitobans.

“Premier Selinger promised no tax increases, then raised the PST. He promised the revenue from the increased PST would be allocated to core infrastructure. But this billion-dollar cash cow continues to pay for NDP dysfunction and mismanagement and self-serving advertising while front line services continue to suffer. All the while, our provincial debt has doubled under Selinger’s NDP.”

On Sept. 23, 2011, during the last provincial election, Selinger said the following: "Ridiculous idea that we're going to raise the sales tax. That's total nonsense. Everybody knows that."

That same month in 2011, Selinger said “Our plan is a five-year plan to ensure that we have future prosperity without any tax increases and we'll deliver on that. We're ahead of schedule right now.”

The PST was expanded in 2012 and increased to eight per cent in 2013. Government estimates indicate the expanded and hiked PST will result in $1-billion of extra revenue on Sept. 28 (see Backgrounder).

“The NDP recently announced a series of public meetings to ask for input into what they call their budgeting process. We have a suggestion: Stop misleading us. Stop trying to buy votes and stop distracting Manitobans with their own money,” Pallister said.

Manitobans are tired of the NDP’s broken promises and want a change for the better.