NDP Waste Drives Deficit - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Manitobans want the government to eliminate waste first before hiking taxes: Pallister

We are calling on the Selinger Government to put some effort into identifying and eliminating government waste before raising taxes or running another deficit. This was promised in last year’s budget and forgotten before the ink was dry.

“We were promised lean management efforts from the NDP Government and have yet to see anything on that front,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. “They appointed someone to head this up and we have heard nothing since. How can the government run another deficit without making an effort to identify NDP waste?”

Manitobans understand that deficit spending is just taxes that haven’t been paid yet. We need the NDP to seriously consider the risks of not balancing the budget, because every dollar that goes to service the debt is a dollar lost to front-line services like health care and education.

The NDP must focus on reducing waste first before adding to the Manitoba Mortgage or mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren.