NDP Waste Means Less for Roads - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

NDP mismanagement means funds earmarked for infrastructure are not going there: Helwer

The NDP, in its own report on infrastructure, has admitted the millions in additional revenue it collected from Manitobans in PST has not all gone into infrastructure. The NDP collected an additional $190 million in the first fiscal year (9 months) but, again, underspent on infrastructure.

“The NDP promised to put the PST increase into roads and bridges and less than one year from making that promise the NDP has already broken it,” said Infrastructure Critic Reg Helwer.

The NDP was not able to sell Manitobans on the PST hike and desperately grasped onto the idea it would all go to infrastructure, but that clearly didn’t happen.

“We would like the NDP to come clean with Manitobans and tell them where this money is going, because it clearly is not going where they promised it would. It’s time for the NDP to stop lying to Manitobans,” added Helwer.

The PCs are committed to investing in core infrastructure that offers a real return on that investment. The NDP have underspent their infrastructure budget for five straight years and show no signs of reversing that trend. 

In the last election the NDP lied about increasing the PST, they lied about reducing the deficit and now they are lying about money going to core infrastructure. The NDP can’t be trusted.