NDP Waste Means Less Job Creation - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Businesses in Winnipeg are hurting: Stefanson

Recently the C.D. Howe Institute released their 2014 Business Tax Burden Ranking that finds businesses in Winnipeg face the heaviest tax burden in Western Canada.

“This report demonstrates what Manitobans already know – the NDP’s high tax agenda is bad for job growth in our province,” said Jobs and the Economy Critic Heather Stefanson. “Winnipeg accounts for two thirds of the provincial economy so what hurts Winnipeg’s economy hurts us all.”

Calgary and Saskatoon were found to have the lightest tax burden on business investment in the country. According to the report, the business taxes under scrutiny “can make or break a decision to invest since it measures the tax burden on each new dollar of investment.”  

“Unsurprisingly, Calgary and Saskatoon, the two cities with the lowest business taxes in Canada, are growing hand over fist, while Manitoba sees little new investment and less job creation,” said Stefanson.

This reality is reflected in a separate C.D. Howe study from earlier this year which found that business investment in Manitoba is the lowest in Western Canada.

The findings are also consistent with a KPMG study in June that found Winnipeg’s tax environment to be more hostile for job creation than any other major Canadian city.